Dive into medieval times in an interactive Discord server! Train your skills, craft items, go on adventures and more!

Play the game in Discord

Knightcord works in Discord only, meaning you don't have to open any websites or download anything to play. Chat with friends and play at the same time, in the same app!

Craft items

Collect and craft materials and combine them into useful items, weapons and armor to make your character stronger. You can trade items with other players, too!

Advance character skills

There is over 15 different skills to train your character in. Level up your character by advancing in various skills.

Fight and go on adventures

Equip your character and go on adventures. During trips you fight enemies and get valuable loot. You can also invite your friends to come together. The best part - the entire fight is displayed as a video!

Get a private voice channel

Manage your own voice channel - you can set the number of slots, mute members or ban them from entering.

Knightcord guilds

Knightcord - LT1
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Knightcord - EN1
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